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Artist-in-Residence James Bellucci

August/September - James Bellucci

James Bellucci received his B.F.A. in photography from Shepherd University (2002) and M.F.A. in Imaging Arts and Sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology (2009).

James has a background in higher education as an adjunct professor at University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, University of Rochester, SUNY Brockport and Monroe Community College, Brighton, NY. His most recent work over the past 3 years at University of Notre Dame as a Research Associate involved classroom support, digital and analog technology imaging technician and the curation of the Riley Hall Photo Gallery. 

He also has work experience as an Assistant Registrar at George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film located in Rochester, NY, where he coordinated a museum-wide digitization protocol for permanent collection materials funded by a federal grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

In the ongoing body of work, Anecdotes, James constructs tableaus that communicate the idea of the constructed image that parallels the anecdotal style of the storytelling. Using lightweight materials such as paper, wire, found objects and cardboard, the constructed quality of the tabletop sets photographed reveals the embellishment of each story depicted, exercising his role as director for the viewer. Narratives are selected from his childhood and include passages from the Old and New Testaments, as well as scientific texts explored in adulthood. These constructed images seek to reveal the fictitious nature of the anecdote, sharing his role as a storyteller that internalizes, subverts and re-contextualizes each passage of text. Each constructed set is created for the fixed focal point of the camera lens, to flatten the image similar to a 2-dimensional collage and are presented in repurposed ornate frames. James looks to the stories illustrated by Caravaggio, Pieter Brueghel the Elder and Albrecht Dürer to revive his own embellishment of these images. He is also fascinated by the writings of Stephen Jay Gould and the analysis of semiotics and novels written by Umberto Eco.