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201 W. Mifflin Street
Madison, WI


October-november 2017

Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery (3rd Floor)

Chris Norris

The Final Day

Chris Norris’s photographs are a hyper-local, intimate look at the

residential, industrial, and greenspace areas of the Madison Isthmus.

They document the area as it was at a specific point in time. The style

is influenced by architectural and documentary photography and they

were produced using a deliberately slow, contemplative technique.

second floor Gallery

Benjamin D. Rinehart

Mnemonic Reflections”

Memory is a subjective experience that shifts over time. The prints and artist books in this exhibition is a mnemonic reflection that directly relates to family, relationships, children, and parenting. I attempt to raise questions about love, insecurities, social injustices, and values in contemporary society. Raising two children with my male counterpart affords me the opportunity to revisit my childhood, acknowledge my evolving identity, and determine my role going forward in society.

First floor Gallery

Sam Brickman

Artist with Autism

Sam Brickman views the world with a unique perception that is shaped by his autism.    His use of bright colors, grid arrangements and simplified representations help him navigate and understand the images that mean the most to him.

He draws all of his images with pen, rarely making corrections.  He then applies color by use of paint pens to flesh out and give dimension to his paintings.    He finds the most comfort in the repetition of certain themes; ABC’s, numbers, animals, characters from beloved videos, and school are his most common themes.    As you can see when looking at his paintings, even within the simplified context the amount of detail he includes is amazing.

His work has been recognized with various awards. He was a Purchase Award Winner with the VSA and his work has been a part of their current touring exhibition.  One of his submissions was also selected to be in the Institute on Disability/UCED’s 2016 calendar.  His painting was chosen as the People’s Choice Award at Studio 84 in Whitewater, WI.

Sam’s love of painting and drawing are one of the best things about him.  It helps him process information about the world, and in turn it gives others an insight into what makes him special.

Site-specific INSTALLATION

philip heckman

On Ouisconsin: An Illustrated Historical Catalogue uses a repurposed 15-drawer library card catalogue to describe a fictitious yet familiar land. Each drawer’s contents highlight a different aspect of life in Ouisconsin, “the land of mumbled apologies”. Text and representative artifacts, assembled by author-illustrator Philip Heckman, showcase what defines Ouisconsinites--from their beer to their inventions to their baseball opera. The result is a unique picture of neighbors who sometimes look a lot like us. From October 2017 through January 2018, the "fake history" catalogue will be on display on the second floor landing of Madison's Central Library.

Call for Artists:

The Bubbler at Madison Public Library is currently accepting applications for 2018-2019 exhibitions.