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Madison, WI

Artist-in-Residence Craig Grabhorn


Is a rooted midwesterner dedicated to providing quality work with a strong penchant for craft.

He values local community and local food systems, and his work is conscious of both involvements. As a designer, he adheres to a social responsibility that supports these values.

With ten years of creative experience in print, apparel and spacial design, Craig has developed an ability to quickly see creative solutions. When applicable he brings his screen printing capabilities into projects which makes outcomes adventurous and one-of-a-kind.

Public exposure to creative the process has such a great way of inspiring people to think differently about their daily lives and the choices they are making and we're all excited to see Craig explore the potentials of his unique style and experience in the Library setting. 

Central Library gets an extra boost of energy, creativity and collaboration from the rotation of artist and makers using the Bubbler Room as their studio in the Madison Public Library's Artist-in-Residence program.  The artist or maker uses the multi-month residency to work on projects in the public setting.  While based at Central Library, Madison's eight neighborhood libraries host resident workshops and projects in an effort to engage all communities.  Please check back for the application process in the future.


Alligators name: Bubbles
Artists: Craig Grabhron, Diana Chu

Bubbles is made completely of paper cut, folded and glued together. He has a cardboard internal skeleton.

Check our Craig in action!